We are well aware of our responsibility toward our patients. That’s why it is of utmost importance to us to offer the best possible service to you, starting with the first consultation up to the final medical check. We offer various possibilities for you to get free information

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Wearing glasses can be a nuisance in daily life, in winter they steam up and when exercising slide down your nose. Are you looking for a way to eliminate the need of visual aids but you are not sure which treatment would be the best option? Do you want to know if you are suitable for a laser operation? Then we would like to invite you to one of our information evenings. Here you can get information about eye laser procedures, alternative methods (e.g. lens implants) and have the chance to meet Dr. Müller-Holz, who will be happy to answer your individual questions personally.



During the pre-operative final check, your eyes will be measured in detail, especially in regards to any changes that might have occurred and could possibly prevent the operation. Furthermore we determine the correction values for your individual treatment.
Please note the following instructions:


Stop wearing lenses prior to the surgery, i.e. 2 weeks for soft contact lenses and 4 weeks for rigid gas permeable lenses.


Please allow 2 hours for a thorough examination.


Your pupils will be widened with eye drops and you will therefore not be able to drive for a few hours after the procedure.



Even though the entire therapy is carried out here in our clinic and the actual treatment only takes a few seconds, you should plan to spend a few hours in our practice. This allows enough time for the thorough pre-operative and post-operative examinations.

When carrying out an eye laser treatment, we can operate on both eyes in one session, whereas the lens treatment should be scheduled for two sessions (2 days apart).

Please find further information of the treatment stages at:
Femto-LASIK/treatment » PRK/treatment »
Additional lens/PIOL » Replacement lens/RLA »



You will receive all required medication or eye drops straight after the surgery. After about one or two hours, you can be taken home by taxi or an accompanying person.

The post-operative exams are as important as the pre-operative exams. To eliminate all potential risks and to achieve the best possible surgery result, we schedule several aftercare appointments at certain intervals.

Post-operative exams are carried out
one day after surgery / 1 week after surgery / 4 weeks after surgery / 3 months after surgery / 12 months after surgery


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