The Femto-LASIK

The name of this procedure derives from the kind of laser that is used during surgery– the femtosecond laser. This laser permits a blade-free operation, which results in a much faster healing process and reduces the risk of infection and complications. The laser cuts with the highest precision, and thus delivers outstanding and reliable surgery results.

Our clinic works with the fastest femto laser system in Saxony.
For the best possible result – a life without glasses.

The actual laser procedure is carried out in the corneal tissue at a depth of 0.1mm. This is a pain free area of the cornea and therefore suitable for the operation.

Our highest priority is not only to deliver the best possible surgery result, but also your well-being. Treatments with the femtosecond laser enable us to fulfil these objectives and hence are an integral part of the procedures we provide in our clinic.


The lasik treatment is suitable for:

shortsightedness up to -10dpt / farsightedness up to +4dpt
corneal curvature up to 6dpt

Procedure Femto-LASIK

Before the treatment you will be administered some anaesthetic eye drops to numb your eyes to allow for a pain free operation.

The actual process of the surgery only lasts a few seconds, but you should plan to spend about 2 hours in our eye laser clinic including the necessary medical checks before and after surgery.




At the beginning of the treatment the femtosecond laser prepares the corneal flap for the actual procedure. The laser places thousands of tiny bubbles at a predetermined depth. These bubbles expand and the tissue is gently separated. The flap that has been created, can now be folded back and opened like a window.



The refractive power of the cornea is modified and the vision is corrected.



After this procedure the flap is folded back, adheres naturally and acts as wound dressing.


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